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This year the Summer School is supported by Eiduco: the presentations given in the Scientific Sessions will be conducted with a technology that allows the audience to mark important moments, ask questions and take notes simply using their mobile phones (or tablets or notebooks).

Later on these presentations will be available on Eiduco along with the voice of the speakers, notes, slides, marks and more.
Here is a one minute YouTube video with the main features of Eiduco. If you present at the conference or you are a chairman in some of the parallel sessions, we have prepared a quick tutorial for you.

During the conference you may use Eiduco to mark moments, take notes, ask questions or whatch (and zoom) the slides as they are projected. All you need to do is to proceed to the Eiduco Guest Registration either now or the day of the venue and setup your guest account by entering your name and and your email address which is also your log-in to Eiduco. Guest registrations do not require a password.